360° Skicross – Audi AG

360 Video shooting.
Ski Cross is still a young sport. four to six skiers race down the mountain at the same time. A real beattle against the other skiers and the time. This was the perfect scenario to shoot a 360 video. We used eight 360 cameras (including DJI airial support) at the same time to pull of this shooting. click an check it out how it fells to race. Best to watch on your smart phone.

Client: Audi AG, Johannes Polgar Agency: Jacaranda Producer: Sven Bockig Director of Photography: Michael Trapp Director: Richard Walch Camera Operator: Richard Walch, Claus Feit Assistant: Wiebke Mörig Editor: Michael Trapp Team: Ferdinand Wolf, Radovan Stejskal, Dennis Brocke Location: Arosa Athlete: Johannes Denen, Marcellus Renn, Cornell Renn, Philipp von Feilitzsch-Hanley Making of Video: Michael Trapp, Dawid Paczkowski