To tell a story with one picture – that’s a challenge which I love to accept. For me, photography is a true passion that started when I was 16 years old and has never stopped ever since. Starting all classic, with film all the way to major digital productions today, I have learned everything by myself – kind a the hard way, but damn, what a ride! When I pick up a camera, I’m 100 % focused – capturing the moment that’s about to happen. I try to be in the very middle of what I’m shooting. I keep asking myself: what makes it different, what’s new, what’s so special about this moment or location. And all I do is photographing the answer.



I never wanted to even touch a video camera – but then when Canon released a DSLR that could record video in HD quality, I gave it a try. Everything I know about photography, about lenses and about angels, I could transfer straight into film. I felt at home right away. What really fascinates me, is the fact that in motion I suddenly had to deal with one more dimension. Now composing a shot was not enough anymore. I had to learn how to connect single images into an interesting motion flow. What a great new challenge!


Director of Photography

Taking responsibility for the look of a complete movie clip is quite fascinating. I’m a visualizer in the first place. So everything I do starts in my head – before I pick up a camera. As DOP that´s exactly what I do – visualizing an idea. Sharing my visual concept with a creative team is as fascinating as actually filming or photographing. The fact that I have spent hours behind cameras and lenses helps a lot to guide my team to an engaging film.


Concept & Production

Starting on a blank paper is a perfect start – all that counts is your idea and the goal of your client. Since I have a background in economics, I can relate to the needs of a client. I understand the criteria  these needs are judged on. Traveling the world with open eyes always hungry for a new story, a new trend, a new style – I always love to look for new combinations and new matches. I cannot reinvent the wheel but I can bring lots of positive and creative energy to the table to work out a great solution. My experience helps me to turn this into a real production and thanks to friends and a great team, I can realize a complete production from A to Z.