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Sachtler Cine DSLR

The bad news upfront – this product is no longer available. The good news is, it just has been renamed. You have to get the FSB 6  fluidhead and the Speed Lock 75 CF carbon legs. As an accessory, get yourself the DSLR plate (it is extra long and designed to easy mount your DSLR camera). Sachtler always has been and still is the number one choice for filmmakers.  When I shot my first little film with a DSLR, I had to learn the hard way how important a solid tripod is to get a steady film shot – especially when you start to pan. The Sachtler head has different gears and lets you adjust perfect – so you can balance your camera. Its something you have to try for yourself to agree to spend a fortune on a tripod – but at the end there is a good reason why you´ll never want to work with something else afterwards.


The Sachtler „Cine DSLR“ is discontinued. Achieve equal performance using the Sachtler „FSB6“ head in conjunction with the „DSLR Plate“. Order the both at:

Manufacturer: Sachtler